What's Your Glass Castle?

Have you come across something inspiring online, lately?

My usual (boring) Saturday night is what the millennials are calling these days, "Netflix & chill!" But some nights, I would usually do, "Youtube & chill!" ;)

I find more fascinating and inspiring stuff on youtube! But you get to dig deeper though. A perfect example of this, is how I came across a new movie, The Glass Castle, starring Naomi Watts. 

Honestly, I just clicked a video that says, "Naomi Watts Could Have Been Jimmy's Wingman for Nicole Kidman" and that's how I learned about her portrayal on the new film, which was based on a memoir novel of Jeannette Walls.

So I did a few research about it and about the writer. What I found out has somehow struck a cord to me. Although I may not have read the novel yet, but her talk (video below) was really inspiring and something all of us can learn from. It's looong but it's really worth your time. Like seriously.

I, too had a rough, emotionally battled childhood. We were poor, too. And I grew up being intimidated by some family members and having to live on hand-me-down-things. I know one day, when I'm ready, I can tell more of my story.

For now, my own take away from Jeannette Walls' story is that, my battle scars made me stronger and hopeful. There came a point in my life that I blamed myself for all the wrong things that have happened to me, but thankfully, I was able to realize, with God's grace that I will never be where I am today and what I have become now, if not because of my battle scars.

It wasn't easy to be where I am now.

But I really persevered to be the better version of my past, of my own childhood,

so to speak.

And that's also why I choose to be a teacher as well, because I know by being one, I am somewhat bringing hope and joy to the children, who may or may not be given the kind of love and attention they need.

For me, that's my Glass Castle. It is the fact that I consciously live a life of survival, gratitude, hope, courage, and compassion, each and every day. And I hope that I get to bring some of that with the people around me.

There is no such thing as smooth. If you’ll look close enough, silk got texture. We all have our texture. They are our scars. They are our story. Some are visible. Some are invisible. Some can be seen. Some are on the inside. Some of us are lucky enough to have a silky texture. Some of us our lucky enough to have rough texture. And together all that texture makes this crazy, big, quilt of society.
— Jeannette Walls

Did you know about this book and story? What's your Glass Castle?